Brief instructions:

Upon uploading your local title list, the Collection Comparison Report is downloaded to your computer as a zip folder (please be aware: the larger the file, the longer it takes). This folder may contain one or two output files: NotYetCommitted (entries from your input file that did not match to any records in the PAPR database), and CommittedMatches (entries from your input file that did match to records in the PAPR database).

Please see the User Manual and FAQs for this tool for additional support. If the supporting documentation cannot answer your question, please reach out to the PAPR team at If you have improvement suggestions, please use the CCH Feedback Form to let us know about them.

This tool is available as part of the CDL, CRL & HT Collaboration for Shared Print Infrastructure. It is made possible because of the cumulative efforts of many: the original work undertaken by CRL and CDL, funded by the Mellon Foundation, to conceive and develop PAPR; subsequent contributions by WEST in developing the AGUA graphic interface and on-the-fly reporting capability; and the many institutions and organizations, most recently HathiTrust, who have striven to make their data openly available for library comparisons.